Thakot Hydro Power Project - 2800 MW
  A joint venture of BAK, Lahmeyer International and NDC have won the project.
Feeder Canal on Kabul and its tributeries
  Project is in progress and on schedule

The firm "BAK Consulting Engineers" was established in 1988 to provide most modern and specialized engineering services to the public as well as private sectors in Pakistan. It is composed of Engineers with vast and varied experience in different disciplines of engineering at national and international level. It is intended to establish and provide a base for the present as well as future generation of engineers, not only to get employment but also to actively participate in the developmental activities of the developing world. The founding partners believe that there is no engineering problem, which cannot be tackled and resolved by local engineers.

Added to their basic qualifications, each partner has accumulated a lifetime experience in review, planning, design, construction and monitoring in many discipline of civil engineering, which is rarely available to the present day consultants. The participating members of the firm have experience of working not only at the national but also at the international level and their services have been successfully utilized on complex problems of civil engineering.

During the past twenty (20) years, major projects like Swabi Salinity Control and Reclamation Project (SCARP), Pehur High Level Canal Project (PHLC), Gopalam Irrigation Scheme, District Dir, Malakand-III Hydropower Project, Identification of Hydro Power Potential on Swat and Chitral rivers, Bazai Irrigation Scheme have been carried out by the firm.

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