is a highly qualified Civil Engineer, having done his M.Sc. from the Imperial College of Science and Technology, London with a post graduate Diploma in Hydro Power Engineering. He has worked on many developmental projects in the Water Sector under the auspices of WAPDA. Tanda Dam, Khanpur Dam, Chashma Right Bank Canal and Gomal Zam Dam are some of the important projects with which he remained very closely associated. The Gomal Zam Dam Project owes its existence to Mr. Bangash because of his keen and capable participation in the initial work of investigation and designing done by the Yugoslavian consultants "Energo Project" and later on by Coyne & Bellier. He has the unique distinction of being specially called to manage the affairs of Tarbela Dam as General Manager when it ran into serious difficulties in the year 1976. He worked for more than 4 years with the world renowned Consultants in the evaluation of designs and specifications for various components of Tarbela Dam. He participated in important conferences in the USA and Europe as principal technical delegate from Pakistan on matters relating to Tarbela Dam Project. Considering his extraordinary capabilities, his services were requested for and

consequently loaned to the Government of Saudi Arabia as "EXPERT" in the Saudi Fund for Development. This is a government owned institution, which offers loans for development projects in the under-developed countries of the world.
Mr. Bangash worked as Professor of Civil Engineering in the NWFP University of Engineering and Technology, Peshawar for four years. He also remained Special Consultant on Dams to WAPDA and other organizations inside and outside Pakistan.



has been engaged on development projects all his life. He has worked in different capacities on Dargai Hydel Scheme, Warsak Dam and Tarbela Dam Project. He specialized in the work of drilling, grouting and tunneling. He supervised, managed & technically guided the construction of 5 km long irrigation tunnel along with ancillary works at Warsak. The entire exploratory work for Tarbela Dam comprising more than 15 km of adits, shafts and tunnels was done under his direct supervision. In 1969, he was selected by TAMS (the Consultants for Tarbela Dam) for the construction supervision of the four multipurpose tunnels, the largest of their kind in the world.

Mr. Abdul Ali Khan has contributed materially to the completion of irrigation and tunneling works on some important projects like Khanpur Dam and Simli Dam. In view of his vast experience in construction of tunnels, he was selected as a Contractor for working on highway tunnels in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, where he completed his assignments in record time. These tunnels provided an easy access to the Hujjaj from "Haram Sharif" to "Mina" and "Arafat". Mr. Abdul Ali Khan can safely be called the best Tunneling Engineer in Pakistan today.



has been associated with major projects from the very beginning of his professional career. Having been trained in the construction of dams and hydraulic structures under the Colombo Plan, his services were effectively utilized on the pioneering investigation work of Warsak Hydro-electric and Irrigation Scheme, the Gomal Zam and the Tank Zam Flood Irrigation Schemes.

His later assignments included river training works, exploitation of ground water resources through deep wells, investigation & formulation of irrigation schemes, lift irrigation schemes and the famous Bara River Canal Project consisting of a barrage across Bara River, a major tunnel for conveying irrigation water and a canal network in Khyber Agency. He was appointed as Executive Director (Technical) in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas Development Corporation (FATA-DC) where he implemented a number of projects in the water, industrial and mineral sectors. Bara River Canals, Bajaur Tube Wells Scheme, Zeran and Shalozan Irrigation Schemes and Spin Plain Irrigation Scheme owe its existence to Mr. Karim Khan.

In the industrial sector, he planned and constructed projects like ghee mills, cigarette manufacturing units, marble factory, match factory and tanneries in various Agencies of FATA. His responsibilities in WAPDA included the steering and supervision of major projects in the water sector including the 5,000 cusec Chashma Right Bank Canal, the Remodeling of Lower Swat Canal (800 to 1900 cusec), the tile drainage project of thousands of acres in Mardan and the tube well projects in Peshawar and Bannu valleys. The remodeling of drainage works are the major components of Mardan SCARP. He was closely associated with the international agencies engaged in the design, execution and financing of the project.

Considering his engineering and managerial experience, the Government of NWFP borrowed his services and he was appointed as Vice Chancellor of the NWFP University of Engineering and Technology, Peshawar in 1989, where he worked for up-gradation of the University for six long years.

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